Most Top 10 Famous K-Pop Groups in the World – Most Top 10

 Most Top 10 Famous K-Pop Groups in the World 

K-pop that stands for Korean popular music genre that came into limelight within the middle nineties and since then KPOP music has ne’er looked back. Today’s well-known KPOP teams like BTS and Blackpink alone account for terrorist organization of the world’s total revenue growth. in this artical i will show Which K-pop group is the most famous?, Who is the most popular K-pop Band 2020?, and most popular kpop groups of all time

Most Top 10 Famous K-Pop Groups in the World

1. BTS

2. EXO

3, BlackPink

4. Wanna One

5. Red Velvet

6. Seventeen

7. Monsta X

8. Stray kids

9. Astro

10. Brown eyed ladies

Most Top 10 Famous K-Pop Groups in the World



In the time period, Sing Korean music and therefore the far-famed boy cluster H.O.T. was called. was liable for the eruption within the quality of KPOP within the world. Now,

KPOP isn’t documented regionally within the borders of South Korea and Asian nation, however they need extended their borders and jumped to totally different countries of the planet,

Without the employment of any Korean language like u.  s., uk, India, Southeast Ayan Asian nation, Singapore, Bangladesh, geographic region, South,

And the geographic region countries and that they, the countries of the center East. thus here during this article, square measure going to} list the most important Kpop teams that are far-famed everywhere the planet. so lest started which is top 10 kpop groups 2021.

No.1 BTS

About:- Bangtan Boys is popularly notable by its anonym BTS. it’s a preferred South Korean boys’ music band with seven members, United Nations agency debuted in two013 with 2 Cool four college, that wasn’t a success however helped them introduce their name to the market, however their second song was Wings’ superhit. And it oversubscribed quite one. voluminous copies. the BTS group is most popular kpop groups of all time

They turn out their own songs and were the primary South Korean band to high the US hoarding with their in style song Dynamite. BTS k-pop group is number one about the top 10 kpop groups 2021 


  •  Jin
  •  Suga
  • Jungkook
  •  J-Hope
  • Jimin


  • Big Hit
  • Pony canyon
  • Def Jam Japan
  •  Columbia

 cluster Formed:- 2013

Official Instagram Profile – Bts Official Instagram 


No.2 EXO

About:- EXO may be a South Korean boy band notable for his or her unequaled quality of songs. The cluster is taken into account by numerous music icons to be one in every of the most important boy bands round the world. it had been fashioned in 2011 underneath the flag of SM recreation. His debut album Growl was a success within the Korean country.

He won Album of the Year for a record 5 consecutive years and is even thought of the whole ambassador of Samsung and Nature Republic because the King of KPOP Music.


  • Xiumin
  • Suho
  • Lay
  • Baekhyun
  • Chen
  • Chanyeol
  • D.O.
  • Kai
  • Sehun

Years Active:- 2012- present


  • Sm recreation
  • Avex Trax

No.3 BlackPink

About:- Blackpink is that the preferred and largest ladies KPOP music cluster in South Korea and round the world. it had been fashioned by the far-famed band YG recreation and that they debuted with their solo albums situation and Whistle. They created it to the highest of the hoarding World Digital Chart and Village Digital Chart in South Korea.

They were additionally the sole Kpop cluster to possess crossed one billion views on youtube.


  • Jiso
  • Jennie
  • Rose
  • Lisa

Years Active:- 2016- present

No.4 Wanna One

About:- Wanna One may be a South Korean boys’ music cluster that was fashioned by CJ&M. She created her debut in Nov 2017 with the hit song stunning. they’re the third Korean music band to possess oversubscribed over one thousand thousand copies. Wanna one is thought worldwide for its promoting and high status. He won the Golden Disc award in 2017.


  • Yoon Ji-sung
  • Ha Sung-Woon
  • Hwang Min-Hyun
  • Ong Seong-wu
  • Kim Jae-hwan
  • Kang Daniel
  • Park Ji-hoon
  • Park Woo-Jin
  • Bae Jin-young
  • Lee Dae-hwi
  • Lai Guan-lin

Years Active:- 2017- 2019


  • YMC entertainment 
  • Stone Music recreation

No.5 Red Velvet

About:- Red Velvet may be a far-famed South Korean lady music cluster fashioned by SM recreation in 2014. it’s a five-member cluster that debuted within the year 2014 with the only track Hit stunning. They were graded range eleven in Forbes Korean Peninsula Power Celebrity and were additionally the fifth most searched Kpop music band.


  • Irene
  • Seulgi
  • Wendy
  • Joy
  • Yeri


  • SM entertainment


No.6 Seventeen

About:- Seventeen may be a South Korean boys’ music band managed by Pledis recreation. it’s a thirteen-member cluster that debuted on twenty six could. Their debut album was a billboard hit not solely in Korean Peninsula however around KPOP warm countries, that was Love and Letter in Gregorian calendar month 2016.

He was honored by the Prime Minister’s Commendation from the Prime Minister of South Korea for his contribution to the unfold of KPOP culture.


  • S. Coups
  • Jeonghan
  • Woozi
  • DK
  • Mingyu
  • The8
  • Seungkwan
  • Vernon
  • Dino.


  • Pledis
  • Geffen Records
  • Universal

No.7 Monsta X

About:- Monsta X may be a in style South Korean boys music band that came into existence in a very reality show named No Mercy by space vehicle recreation. They debuted within the music trade with their song EP Trespass in 2015 could. Their initial English album was listed range 5 on US hoarding. The far-famed world tour of Monsta X is gorgeous World TOur and that we ar Here World Tour.


  • Shownu
  • Minhyuk
  • Kihyun
  • Hyunwon
  • Joohoney
  • I.M.


  • Starship
  • Mercury tokyo

No.8 Stray kids

About:- Stray kids or SKZ may be a South Korean boys music band managed by JYP recreation in 2017. This eight members cluster debuted with i’m Not on March 25, 2017. they’re the whole ambassadors of Wego, collection 2020 port, Dubai Specs and monkfish exempt.


  • MJ
  • Jinjin
  • Cha Eun-woo
  • Moon Bin
  • Rocky
  • Yoon San-ha


  • Fantaigo
  • Universal japan

No.9 Astro

About:- Astro may be a far-famed South Korean boys music band fashioned in 2016. They debuted in 2016 with the winning song Hide and obtain of their initial album grow that additionally was able to create to the Billboards list of two hundred. This cluster of six members were additionally the New Kpop cluster in 2016. They additionally possess their own programme Astro OK prepared on MBC Every1.


  • MJ
  • Jinjin
  • Cha Eun-woo
  • Moon Bin
  • Rocky
  • Yoon San-ha


  • Fantaigo
  • Universal japan

No.10 Brown eyed ladies

About:- The Brown eyed ladies may be a in style South Korean ladies music cluster. it’s a four-member cluster that debuted with the song come back nearer within the year 2006 and commenced to realize fame within the year 2008 with the hit song L.O.V.E and the way come back. They won the Korean Music Award double and national capital Music Award thrice. Brown eyed ladies most popular kpop group worldwide


  • JeA
  • Miryo
  • Narsha
  • Gain


  • Nega Network
  • APOP

Years active:- 2006-present (Top ten biggest K-pop group internationally)

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