The 10 best music producer YouTube channels | Most Top 10

 The 10 best music producer YouTube channels

hey friends, now we will talk about The 10 best music producer on YouTube channels, yes I will talk top 10 latest youtube producers, youtube musicians, and top 10 youtube DJs who’ve turned on their interest into a hobby in imprisonment, we have a tendency to thought it absolutely was a decent time to best top 10 of the music producer YouTube channels for you are learning the way to build music.

The 10 best music producer YouTube channels | Most Top 10


YouTube production tutorials measure up to a Wild West. Thousands of channels with thousands of videos run wild in quality, opinion, circulation, and distribution. While YouTube’s algorithms usually get you headed in the right direction, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll find yourself in a very hollow of brow-step blood serum tutorials (which is what you’re looking for). can’ want to), while too many subtle and broad channels can pass you

Given the top 10 music producer, musicians, and DJs who’ve turned their interest into a hobby in imprisonment, we have a tendency to thought it absolutely was a decent time to spotlight ten of the simplest YouTube channels for learning the way to build music. Below square measure valuable resources for learning and inspiration, be it sound style, mixing, production, composition, gear reviews, live performances, beat creating, track breakdowns and far a lot of. Shout intent on some others we have a tendency to couldn’t slot in like Exquisite Beats, ADSR, Sonic State, and Red means that Recording. 



Andrew Huang Is still One of the best music producer on YouTube channels, personalities, Andrew’s videos square measure wide go. From challenges like four producers creating a track from a similar sample to exploring music composition, and synth ideas in a simple to grasp ways in which to creating music with dolphin samples, a beat out of Donald Trump’s sniffs and reviews of weird, unorthodox gear, it’s a lot of of a supply of inspiration and information than a straight-up tutorial channel. this channel is best for musicians and music addictions.


Heavy on the MPC, correct Beats is all concerning beat-making on either hardware controllers or standalone units like Maschine, MPC Live, MPC One, and old-style samplers. There are conjoint reviews of Arturia and Roland kit, new kit tests, challenges like sampling from vinyl, and production tips like beefing up drums. nice if you’re wanting to leap on the groovebox/all-in-one bandwagon that’s been gathering steam in recent years, or if you’re keen to administer your beats a lot of authentic feels.


One of the longest-running and most-respected electronic music colleges, purpose Blank’s YouTube is filled with many videos covering sound style, music production, composition techniques, music theory, kit and code reviews, creative person masterclasses, live broadcasts, and mixture techniques. Guest artists embrace DVS1, Flava D, Todd Edwards, Richie Hawtin, MK, the late electro-acoustic transducer Huckaby, and Claude Von Stroke. It’s one among the simplest resources for each talent level, genre, and jackdaw — if you’re unsure where to begin, their deconstructions square measure glorious, wherever they break down the compositions, sound style, and structure of illustrious tracks. Dive in.

4. YOU SUCK AT producing

As the name suggests, this channel is incredibly tongue-in-cheek, however behind the lols there’s endlessly helpful info around sound style, composition, mixture, and manufacturing. It’s all delivered in a very trademark dry and disrespectful fashion by host Underbelly, UN agency makes some difficult topics fun and interesting by not taking himself too seriously. His recent video on lo-fi hip hop chords has accumulated run over 600k views, and his clip-on victimization foley to bring basic drum sounds to life is super helpful whereas conjointly being ultra-accessible. It’s a good counterpoison to a number of a lot of serious and complicated tutorials, whereas delivering a similar detail in a very subdued, laidback tone.

5. JAY cactus TV

Jay Cactus’s YouTube channel is packed filled with Sunshine State Studio, drill beat creating, rap production and track breakdowns. His recent uploads square measure as varied as creating a Japanese Influenced Great Britain Rap Beat, and Pop Smoke kind Melodies for Beginners, to the way to build higher Melodies in Sunshine State Studio and therefore the final Drill mixture Tutorial. Despite being solely eleven months recent, his channel has already accumulated nearly 30k subscribers. His videos square measure super fast while not being overwhelming and he explains composition and production aspects in a very clear and terse manner, while not overcomplicating things. A must-subscribe for drill and Great Britain rap fans, and any Sunshine State users.

6. RACHEL K collier

Long-time Ableton collaborator, musician, vocalist, producer and live entertainer, Rachel K miner is one among the UK’s most partaking music school personalities and artists in her title. Her channel is filled with challenges — she took half in St. Andrew Huang’s Four Producers One Sample — live performances, tutorials, business recommendations and a lot of. She is an associate degree skilled measuring worm, victimization her voice to make up immense canvasses of sound victimization Ableton, yet as incorporating further kit-like synths and drum machines. In 2020, she recorded some remote, outdoors performances on powered kit yet as beginning her own Ableton Live course and participating in Ableton’s Live eleven promo video. Her presenting ability build it all super accessible, whereas dropping tonnes of data and tips for Live users and people with one eye on the stage once everything discloses once more.


Hobo’s approach is pretty easy — produce tracks within the variety of a genre or associate degree creative person as quickly as attainable, cramming in as several memes as attainable on the manner. Between the quick-fire videos, there’s an uncountable insight into however sure artists manufacture and sure designs square measure created with Bicep, Stephan Bodzin, Peggy Gou, and Charlotte Delaware Witte all obtaining the floater treatment. It’s not as in-depth as different channels with solely six or seven minutes per video, however, they are doing tend to induce the sound pretty correct, and it’s designed a lot of as a clever spark than a full-on track breakdown. They’re conjointly accountable for the infective agent ‘DJs while not Music’ videos, therefore you recognize they don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Their genre videos are fun, with the drum & bass vogue guide victimization parcel faucet and a wine glass for a few artistic sound styles.


Grammy-Award winning combine engineer Dave Pensado’s list of shoppers includes Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Ludacris, and plenty of, many more. His channel and web site — Pensado’s Place — is incredibly a lot of geared toward engineers instead of producers or musicians, however, could be a treasure hoarded wealth of recommendation, tips, techniques, and tutorials for a lot of ancient mixtures. Their recent guests have enclosed Drake’s engineer patriarch ‘40’ Shebib, Kenny Beats, Che Pope, prolific rap engineer Alex Tumay, creative person Anderson Paak and Billie Eilish’s brother and collaborator Finneas. aboard the high-profile guests, Dave’s ‘Into the Lair’ series sees him tackle some common combine problems like 808 punch, taming transients, calibration drum samples and making depth. counseled for people who feel they’re prepared for a lot of in-depth and industry-led recommendations and tutorials.


Renowned for his in-depth synth and instrumentality reviews, Loopop could be a should for anyone fascinated by getting in hardware-based setup, be it the super cheap and moveable mini drum machine to the ultra-expensive analog polysynth. Loopop breaks down each facet of the most recent music-making kit, victimization chapters to form it simple to skip through to wherever you’re most interested — before you purchase a brand new piece of kit, confirm you to see Loopop’s review of it. He will a good job of referencing similar instrumentality instead of simply listing the options, which means it’s useful if you can’t decide between 2 similarly-priced choices. There are conjointly explainer videos on connections and fixing hum and different studio problems. It’s positively weighted towards a lot of drum machines, sequencers and standard kit, however could be a nice insight into the most recent gear, notwithstanding you’re simply window spree.

10. DJ MAG

Finally, our terribly own YouTube channel is filled with tips and techniques for each producer and DJs. Last year we have a tendency to launched our however I series, which has however I DJ, however, I created and the way I Play Live, everyone giving a behind scenes investigate however DJs, producers and performers execute their art. In however I created, we have a tendency to invited Ikonika, Third Son, Dexplicit and MKThePlug to our studios at DJ magazine military headquarters, to interrupt down their artistic method in their jackdaw of selection. however I DJ could be a deep dive into the technical aspect of DJing, be it from the three-deck mixture, looping, rekord box homework, and a lot of. within the initial series chow Everything, Jamz star, Monki and Conducta all fall behind the decks. 

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