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 Top 10 emotional Punjabi songs

Hello friends, welcome to My new blog post on the Most-top10 website in this post you will read What are the top 10 sad songs? whish is the best Top 10 emotional Punjabi songs. listen to this top 10 Best Sad Songs to Get Emotional and Cry it you all time. today I discuss What is the saddest song of all time?. 

Top 10 emotional Punjabi songs


Sad songs make a healthy to make your attention to whereas you’re unhappy or managing Associate in Nursing emotional pain of losing somebody or researching a break-up. Studies have shown that if individuals hear unhappy music once they’re feeling depressed, it would really build them feel higher. have you ever detected the popular spoken language “Two negatives build a positive”…Simple mathematics, right?

There area unit such a lot of unhappy Punjabi songs that’ll simply soften your heart. the sensible factor that the list keeps obtaining larger each year. And since you’re solely an honest cry off from moving past the pain, I even have curated Associate in Nursing final Punjabi unhappy song list below.  It’ll provide you with an honest cry and relieve you of the emotional pain or at the smallest amount cause you to feel a touch higher.


1. Joker (Harrdy Sandhu)

Joker by Harrdy Sandhu could be a gem of a tragic Punjabi song. this is often the sort of songs Harrdy will best. each word of the lyrics can go right into your heart and can keep there lingering. Once you are doing hear this song, it’s not possible to forget it. The video is additionally terribly superbly directed and can, sure enough, bring tears to your eyes.

2. Qismat (Ammy Virk)

Qismat could be a sorrowful Punjabi song sung by Ammy Virk and superbly enclosed by Jaani. The lyrics trigger deep, thoughtful emotions. The direction and story provide life to the words and music of this sincere track. The song is a couple of tragic stories that ends with a haunting depression that’ll provide you with goosebumps.

3. Soch (Harrdy Sandhu)

Soch is another gem by the popular Punjabi creative person Harrdy Sandhu and enclosed cleanly by Jaani. This witching track scarf several hearts and got therefore fashionable that a Hindi version of the track was utilized in the moving-picture show Airlift, sung by the emotional Arijit Singh.

4. Teri Japanese deity (Akhil)

Teri Japanese deity could be a terribly touchy song by Akhil. It comes with a novel twist that gave Maine the chills. The song reflects self-acceptance. No one’s judgment goes to harm you if you settle for yourself and also the ones you’re keen on for WHO you’re.

5. Buckeye State Kyu metallic element Jaan Ske (Ninja)

Oh Kyu metallic element Jaan Ske is an Associate in Nursing emotional love song that reflects, however, trust problems and lack of communications ruin even the happiest of relationships. If you’re researching a break-up, you’re about to relate to several aspects of this unhappy melancholy.

6. Yaarr metallic element Milyaa (Harrdy Sandhu)

Yet another sincere song by Harrdy Sandhu makes it to the list. The song reflects the pain of managing lost love and betrayal. Harrdy sings the attractive track and justifies the ambiance of the song dead. If you’ve been betrayed or having to bother obtaining over somebody, this song is simply for you.

7. Mann Bharrya (B Praak)

Mann Bharrya is B Praak’s debut song because of the lead singer. He will a commendable job with the vocals that don’t ruin the texture of the song. The track ends with a tragic however stunning note which can leave you befuddled.

8. Bekadra (Khan Saab)

Bekadra by Khan Saab is one of all those songs that keep reminding you that sensible music isn’t dead. The song reflects the pain of betrayal and also the power of a friendly relationship and Khan Saab’s vocals suit the song dead. you may, sure enough, play this one on repeat.

9. Yaari (Maninder Buttar)

A sad romantic song by Maninder Buttar, Yaari’s sincere lyrics replicate a pain of betrayal and desire that has been old by several. This song is difficult to urge out of the head. If you’re researching a break-up, I urge you to administer this song a listen.

10. Supna (Amrinder Gill)

Sung by the proficient Amrinder Gill and enclosed by Jaani, Supna could be a hypnotic track that leaves you mesmerized. it’s the sort of song that stays in your head long when you’ve stopped taking note of it. It’s the sort of song that you just keep mumbling throughout the day and so find yourself thinking why!


now, this is the best Top 10 emotional Punjabi songs has to make you happy and grateful in the sadness. hope you will like my post then share this post and comment fast. thank you. 

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