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 hey, friends, I will discuss today here a list of the best Top 10
Barbie games for Windows PCs, this all game is enjoying all girls. choose
between fashion games, blue blood games, puzzles, adventures, and more. so
let’s started which is the best Top 10 Barbie games for PC

Top 10 Barbie games for PC


Top 10 Barbie games for PC

  1. Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp
  2. Barbie Pet Rescue
  3. Barbie as the princess of the island
  4. Barbie of Swan Lake 
  5. Barbie and her sisters: puppy rescue
  6. Barbie fashion show: an eye for style
  7. Barbie as Rapunzel
  8. barbie: explorer
  9. secret agent Barbie 
  10. Barbie Groom and Glam Pups

You have the chance to play Barbie games on your pc however the matter with
smartphones is 1st of all the screen. during this article, we tend to quote
the simplest Barbie games for Windows PCs that you just will play throughout
your free time.

Among these Barbie games for girls and Windows pc, you’ll notice among
others: barbie dress-up games, barbie pc games for free. so let’s

1. Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp

in this article Top 10 Barbie games for PC is the first one ranked is
Barbie Horse Adventures. this Barbie pc game is best for all girls in this
game. players have the role of keeping, feeding, coaching, and coaching
horses. They cross the island, participate in horse races, purchase garments
and disguise themselves. during this same quest-based game, players drive
the horse on the paths and solve puzzles in the manner.

2. Barbie Pet Rescue

now number two among the barbie games for girls is Barbie Pet Rescue. This
game could be first releasing in the year 2000. name is ” Barbie Pet Rescue
“, players aged five to twelve area unit trying to find pets to shield. The
Barbie game needs that the player notices the simplest thanks to saving
associate degree animal and feed it with the assistance of Barbie once his
rescue. Animals embrace kittens, puppies, and rabbits. A slider on the
screen shows pets closely and the way they behave once the player loves them
and feeds them.

3. Barbie as the princess of the island

This computer game is predicated on the moving picture of an identical
name. it is an assortment of twenty-eight exciting mini-games that keep
children busy and engaged. Games embrace, among alternative things, flower
choosing, dancing, dress creating, and observance. In Barbie because of the
blue blood of the island, the players move as Rosella, the blue blood of the
island, with Barbie and animals on the island. One or 2 players may also
play the sport at a time.

4. Barbie of Swan Lake 

Young women enjoying this sport can have a stimulating time trying to find
treasures within the wild. The players also will create wall paintings,
produce musical plants, and far additional. The young women visit the
floating lake, the gardens still because of the pixie city. Players also
will create a variety of captivated sticks and charm the forest. They grow
additional vegetation, bugs fireflies. 

5. Barbie and her sisters: puppy rescue

now I will talk about the 5th Barbie games in the Top 10 Barbie games for
Windows PC. in this game barbie and its all sister are players meet hir
barbie sister har name is skipper, Stacie, and chelsea. during this game,
players provide exams to saved puppies, prepare them and teach them

6. Barbie fashion show: an eye for style

It’s a baseball game for youths World Health Organization needs to simulate
a visit to Paris Fashion Week. during this game, players dress Barbie for
the arena by selecting designs, colors, and textures of consumer goods.
Players will then verify the outfits with accessories. The players of this
game imagine outfits and accessories for his or her own fashion line. There
are unit ten missions to finish in 3 totally different studios.

7. Barbie as Rapunzel

In this game, players should notice jewels of the prince’s crown scattered
during a castle. Barbie must embellish the rooms and place along all the
valuable stones to assist the aristocrat to recover his castle.

8. barbie: explorer

This is one of every of the oldest games. within the game, she goes
everywhere in the universe to seek out four gems associate degreed
conjointly try and crack the key of an object known as, “Mystic Mirror”. She
goes to four totally different regions, that is, Ruby Mask, Emerald Beetle,
Sapphire defend, and Golden sculpture. every space has four different
stages. The players got to discover the objects hidden within the 1st 3
places severally. When done, the golden sculpture can then seem. This play
involves associate degree finish once all the objects are discovered and
Barbie returns to the gallery. within the gallery, she’s going to place the
objects in their explicit place on the glass. Doing this repairs the

9. secret agent Barbie 

Barbie offers the young women an opportunity to affix her and a few
alternative friends as they create a journey to the big apple, Tokyo, Egypt,
Paris, and Brazil. they’re there to capture a thief World Health
Organization took the Queens’ dress to form an not easily seen outfit. they
need to stop the felon in the slightest degree prices. The players should
end the task in each location for them to unravel the mystery. The agents
have superpowers like stum-bling, hopping, and merging within the
background. They conjointly possess tools like pink glasses and pup-pies
that area unit controlled employing a remote. 

10. Barbie Groom and Glam Pups 

Barbie the doll has the most interest in dogs and cats. She cleans them and
dresses them in attractive outfits and neck bows. She shows interest in
varied pet journals and articles and this keeps her up so far with data
regarding dogs and cats. The players during this game area unit presupposed
to assist Barbie to pick out a dog from a shelter, groom the dog in
preparation for the approaching party at her place, and complete the dog
transformation with a tie.


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